Tribute from Thomas's friends

One of Thomas's friends, Hugh Corcoran, read the following tribute at his funeral on behalf of all his friends.


A son, A brother, A friend.

Thomas was loving, kind and honest.
He was never afraid to speak his mind (as his parents and the school well knew).
He could be subtle or just plain honest about anything.

He had too many good qualities to mention in this short speech.
Looking around today, we can see just how many peoples' lives he actually touched.
To his peers he was a friend and a brother.

Thomas and Liam were good friends, they were also cousins.
Liam always looked forward to him coming to Armoy.
Sometimes they would get into a few scrapes in their adventures, but they always had fun.

Thomas was always making us laugh: it seemed to be his gift.
He will always be remembered by his friends for all the craic and the good times we shared.

When not out with his friends, Thomas could be found at one computer or another, playing games or just tinkering.
He loved computers, and, having made friends from all over Ireland , he continued to make friends all over the world,
as shown by the love and support expressed by messages dedicated to him by his fellow gamers.

Thomas's personality meant that you couldn't help but become his friend.
He will never be forgotten by anyone who knew him.

Thomas, you didn't live long enough to experience life to its fullest,
but judging by the amount of support shown here today, you definitely left your mark.

They say 'the good die young', and truly, you were one of the best.

Written by the friends of Thomas Devlin