The Thomas Devlin Fund

Picture of Thomas stroking a cat

Thomas Devlin, aged 15 years, was murdered in an unprovoked attack some 200 metres from his home as he was returning from buying sweets with some friends on 10th August 2005 in North Belfast. One of his friends was injured. His parents were by his side within minutes where he lay dying in a pool of blood suffering multiple, fatal stab wounds.

Thomas was a normal teenager who enjoyed his education, played computer games and was absorbed in the creativity of music and art. He lived his life with his many close friends from across the Northern Ireland community and his tragedy is theirs too.

Thomas is survived by his Mum and Dad, Penny and Jim, and his teenage sister and brother, Megan and James, who Thomas loved dearly and who loved him. Despite their suffering of great pain and personal loss, the family would like Thomas’s death to be a catalyst for young people to acknowledge and appreciate the futility of gratuitous violence against young people.

To this end, they have established the Thomas Devlin Fund to promote public awareness about the effects and impact of the type of violent attack from which Thomas met his death.

Aims and Objectives of the fund

To promote public awareness of the effects and impact of gratuitous violence against young people in N. Ireland.

Objectives of the fund

  • The Fund will engage professional creative artists and young people to create and conceive a tribute to Thomas which will reflect and advocate the hopes, aspirations and ambitions of young people.
  • The Fund will dispense bursaries/scholarships to young people for sixty years until 2066, reflecting the notional duration of Thomas's natural life.
  • The Fund will also consider funding initiatives which will be presented to the Trustees and which fall within the aim and objectives of the Fund and which reflect and involve raising awareness of the issues with young people.
  • The Fund will establish an interactive website which will promote the aims and objectives.
  • Promotional material will be designed, created and distributed to selected potential donor and donor groups.
  • The Fund will engage the support of personalities from the Music Industry and the Communications and Creative Arts to promote the Fund and the specific aim of promoting public awareness of the effects and impact of gratuitous violence against young people in N. Ireland.
  • The Fund will raise funds from individuals, businesses and other organisations, trusts and foundations in the UK, Ireland and the United States in pursuance of the aims and objectives.