The Thomas Devlin Fund

"A dark hatred stole the life of an ordinary boy with light in his heart"

Thomas Devlin was a normal 15 year old teenager who was murdered in an unprovoked attack about 200 metres from his home as he was on his way back from buying sweets with his friends on 10 August 2005. He and his friends were out on a balmy summer's evening enjoying the school summer holidays.

Thomas was about to go into his GCSE year at his school, Belfast Royal Academy and had a bright future ahead of him. He enjoyed playing computer games, listening to heavy metal music, playing the tenor horn, socialising with his pals. He had many friends from across the Northern Ireland community.

Thomas was, and his friends are, the future for Northern Ireland. It is vital that Thomas's generation have hope and confidence for their futures.

The family hope that this fund will ensure that public awareness about the effect and impact of violence on young people will be raised. The Trust Fund will commission a sculpture which will be a visual metaphor for the futility of violence as well as for the hopes, aspirations and ambitions of Thomas's friends and other young people of his generation. The Trust Fund will also engage in other activities specifically targeted at young people and focussed on the arts and music.

At Thomas's funeral service Father Emerson said "The worst possible thing that could happen is for those who believe in evil and violence to be allowed to terrorise the rest of us to become like them. Therefore I would ask all of you, especially the young people among us, to continue to focus on doing good things and showing that good will always overcome evil."

The Thomas Devlin Trust Fund will hopefully help young people to focus on the good things just as we know Thomas did. Despite the family's suffering of great pain and personal loss, his Mum and Dad, Penny and Jim, his sister Megan and his brother James, would all like Thomas's death to be a catalyst for young people to acknowledge and appreciate the futility of gratuitous violence against young people.

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There is quiz IN THE LANSDOWNE COURT HOTEL BELFAST on the Wednesday 25th September 2013 door open eight,starting nine sharp. prizes for winning teams,spot prizes and a tombola. Bring a team and have a great evening of fun.

One the aims of the fund was to commission a piece of art which we wanted to be a permanent reminder of the utter senselessness of the kind of violence that took away Thomas’s life but more importantly would be a source of inspiration and a symbol of hope for the young people of Northern Ireland.
Come to the MAC and see the art work by the artist Mark Garry. The artwork is just stunning and for us it does reflect hope and does provide inspiration not just for us as Thomas’s parents but for everyone who comes into the MAC. I really hope that all of you feel the same and that this art project has been a worthwhile aim of the Fund.

The MAC is in Saint Anne’s Square (right behind St. Anne’s Cathedral and beside the University of Ulster) in Belfast’s bustling Cathedral Quarter. Main entrance is off the square, but you can also pop in via Exchange Street West.
Address is 10 Exchange Street West, Belfast, BT1 2NJ.

Calling all Marathon Walkers, Fun Run, Relay Teams and Marathon Runners to join in the 2013 Belfast City Marathon for the Thomas Devlin fund on the Monday Bank Holiday the 6th May. Contact Penny or Jim to enrol.Tee Shirts Provided

Belfast Flags Installation And Exhibition.
Belfast Flags of Hope - target of 10,000 ‘art flags’!

More than 12 months ago Belfast Flags ambitiously embarked on a project to create a massive community arts event. The goal of the Belfast Flags was to use art to create a grand total of 10,000 individually painted and colourful canvasses to be flown along the Belfast peace line!

Scores of community groups, schools and individuals young and old, from all sides of our society volunteered their creative talents. All the unique art ‘flags’ colourfully express thousands of hopes for a brighter future for all.
Artist and Project Organiser, Raymond Watson said, ‘At the most recent count there was a fantastic total of almost 10,000 colourful flags of hope and the number continues to rise. This is a fantastic and massive expression of good will and hope for the future.

Installation and exhibition.

The art works is installed and exhibited to the public along a stretch of the Belfast peace line from Saturday August 6th. Please visit Springfield Road, Lanark Way and Cupar Way to view the flags.

New World Record!
When exhibited together on a continuous line the flags create a beautiful flight of bunting that is more than 1 ½ miles long. This sets a new Guinness World Record for the longest line of bunting ever. The Belfast Flags is an official Guinness World Record project.

More Information
The project uses art on the blank canvass format of the flag. Thousands of people took the creative opportunity to visually express their hopes for a brighter future. Traditionally the flag has often been a symbol of division. This is a project that aims to reuse this traditional format in an inclusive way to express thousands of collective and cross community hopes for a brighter future for all.